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Mingo looked at me lak he ne'er laid eyes on me a-fore, and
he give a spit on the ground. ' A fool hoe-man/ he said, * you
be a durn fool hoe-man.' ' Maybe/ I said, ' if n hit comes to
me/ ' A bone-picker/ he said. He give me a look, and that's
the last word I e'er beared him say. 'Bone-picker/ he said,
and give me a look, and walked off. He was gone, a-fore sun
next mornen. Yellowstone way, they said.

"I taken me a claim, lak I said. Up in Kansas. And I
done well as the next one, I reckin. I ne'er minded putten
my back to hit, and layen a-holt. And I had me money to
git a start, gear and stock and sich. Two year, goen on three,
I stayed. I was a-make-en out, that wasn't hit. Hit was
sumthen come over me. I couldn't name hit. But thar hit
was, sleepen and wake-en.

" I sold my stock and gear. I said to a man, ' What'll you
gimme fer my stock and gear?' And he named hit. Hit
wasn't nuthen, not to what a man could a-got. But I taken
hit, and hit was ample. To git me a outfit. And I started
a-move-en. Down through Oklahoma, and west West, lak
a man done them days when hit come over him to be a-

" I went down the way I'd been a-fore, and hit was diff'rent
a-ready. But not diff'rent lak when I come back in 'ninety-
one on my way back here. The Indians was dance-en then,
when I come back through, tryen to dance the buffalo back.
They'd been gone a long time then, and the bones. Them
Indians was a-tryen to dance 'em back. And Indians ever
whar, I beared tell, up in Dakota and west. The ghost-dance,
they named hit. They was make-en medicine and tryen to
dance back the good times, and them long gone. Hit would
be a new world, and fer Indians, they claimed. A new earth
was a-come-en, all white and clean past a man's thinken, and
the buffalo on hit a-move-en and no end. Lak that time I
stood on a Ifse near Medicine Lodge Crick and seen 'em
a-move-en, and ne'er reckined on the end, how hit would be.
That-air new earth was a-come-en, they figured, a-slide-en over
the old earth whar the buffalo was done gone now and the